Government Ground Rent

Various government authorities always impose different land rates for home owners as per their local land rates. Rates on government owned land can vary depending on your country and also on these of the land. Renting a piece of land from your government might sound cheap and easy. However, using a government owned piece of land even though legally can prove to be difficult in the long run. May government land tenants have found themselves in a ground rent scandal.

What Causes Rent Scandals with a Government Some of the factors that lead to rent conflicts with the government include:
  1. Accumulated rents
  2. Failing to collect rent by most authorities lead to rent accumulation. Tenants can sometimes find themselves in huge debts because of the unpaid rent that has accumulated over the years. This makes it very difficult to pay thus causing disputes and conflicts.

  3. Corruption
  4. A corrupt government may decide to increase the land rates with no warning or prior communication with the tenants whatsoever. This makes it difficult for the tenants to adjust to the new rates and can definitely lead to disagreements between the two parties. Corruption can also lead to rent not being submitted to the right channel hence not considered paid.

  5. Poor system of governance
  6. This leads to a lack of transparency within the concerning bodies. A ground rent scandal can arise when a wrong piece of land is leased or when the system fails to complete the leasing process in the right way. Always leave no channel skipped when it comes to renting land. When renting land from the government it is important to see every process through and follow only the right and legal channels so as to avoid any scandal that can come up during the leasing period.